Pine Wood
With outstanding quality, these Pine Woods are used for numerous purposes. The qualities like anti termite, weather resistance, durability and many more, makes these woods highly admires by our customers.
Teak Wood
The natural texture and color of Teak Wood provides a stunning look to the furniture and other products, in which it is used. In addition to this, these woods possess extreme high tensile strength.
Meranti Wood
Meranti Wood is suitable for interior purposes. Due to its light weight and straight-grain consistency, it is suitable for furniture and other products. This are bit affected by moisture or sunlight, even for a long time.
Ivory Wood
Ivory Wood is widely used for making different types of furniture. This wood is one of the most rare and beautiful woods in the world. It is a very hard wood, strong and stiff, with a fine texture. This wood is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and flawlessness.
Russian Lumber
Russian Lumber is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its optimum strength and durability. This lumber is made using pine wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure. This wood is widely used for making lumbers as well as for making provincial furniture.
SPF Wood
Strong, light, easy to use and stress bearing properties are some of the reasons why SPF is so well-known in the construction industry. SPF wood can be painted and finished in a number of ways. The original light color of the wood can be retained with a UV varnish or a darker stain can be used to simulate hardwoods. 

Our main markets are Delhi/NCR, Gujarat and North India regions.